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Week 4

Week 4 LO:  I understand what is meant by a balanced diet

Ask what types of food we eat. Try to get them to understand that vegetables, fruits, rice meat, cheese come from different food groups.

Ask if they know what a balanced diet is?

Explain that we eat a balanced diet when we eat the right amounts of food from the different groups. We do need to eat a variety of the right sort of foods too, so that our meals are not boring. Point out that children should eat some foods from all 5 groups, as all are needed for healthy growth.

Introduce the food pyramid as a guide to a healthy diet explaining how the shape of the triangle guides us to a balanced diet.



Ask - Which foods can we eat freely? Which foods can we have as a treat? Discuss which foods we need plenty of, which foods should be eaten in moderation and which for a special treat.

Select foods from the range of products you have provided to show a balanced diet.




Think about what they had at lunchtime - was it balanced- where did protein, carbs, fruit/veg come from (differentiate questioning) How many times a day do they need to eat fruit and veg?


Choose one of the pyramids. Label the foods and fill in the blanks




  1. Draw some of your own ideal balanced meals on plates.




What could you eat more of to make your diet balanced?


What food group do you think is the most important and why?