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Week 4

Week 4 LO: I can write a polite and respectful email

Let’s send a message unplugged (you can write on paper)

Alternatively you can do this using your parents email…..

Ask how we can communicate or make contact with people we know. (Hopefully they will mention messaging apps or email – if not draw that out). write out list of ideas.


Show the ‘Little Red message’.

Who has sent this message?

Will Little Red know them? (Received from her Grandma).

Will it be OK (safe) to reply to Grandma? (Yes).

Why is it Ok to reply?

Suggest some nice replies to Grandma. Talk through some replies if they were able to go over to Grandma’s with some cake …

and then what they would say if they were unable to go?

How would Little Red would respond to Grandma – chatty / informal (using smileys OK) – just like they might respond to their own Grandma or parent / carer. It is not so important to have completely correct English.


Show Grandma’s message from the Woodcutter’. 


Discuss who has sent this? Why? (She has not paid her bill).  Tell them that Grandma knows the Woodcutter – so - What should Grandma do? (Reply – not ignore!)

Discuss how Grandma should reply to the Woodcutter? Polite and apologetic? Rude, angry and cross?  OK to use smileys and be chatty?  (Probably not) Or something a bit more formal? (Yes with correct English). 


Show ‘Grandma’s reply to Woodcutter’ 



Tell them you want them to help Grandma write/email a sensible reply message to the Woodcutter.



Compose a reply message from Grandma to the Woodcutter, thinking how to be polite and respectful using the ‘Grandma’s reply to Woodcutter’ sheet

You can write these on paper or ask for your parent’s permission and you can email them to us!

Mrs Wharton:

Miss Devonish:

Miss Honour:


Share their written message by reading it out to them as if they were Grandma.

When finished discuss

Was the content suitable and why?

(Grandma will be writing politely and quite formally to the Woodcutter.)

Discuss when Grandma (or us) ought to ignore a message and not reply? (i.e. someone she (we) did not know.  Someone who is being very rude). 


Tell them E-mail can sometimes not be such a good way of communicating 

  • you don’t get an instant response as you would using a telephone
  • the other person has to have an email account set up
people can send you messages that you don’t want