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Week 4 lesson

Our topic is Seaside holidays (100 years ago)

Week 4 I can recognise change within a period of time

Recap What’s a primary resource? (Things that were created at the time of the event.  They can be photographs or pictures, diary entries, artefacts or eye-witness reports)

What does chronological order mean? (time order)


Look at photographs (see below) and ask:

Are these primary resources all from the same time period?  (No) How do you know?


What key features would we be able to use to help us identify what order the photographs should go in? (Clothing, colour of photographs)


Show a timeline with dates and photographs (See below) from different periods of time of people at the seaside.

Can you put these dates and photographs into the correct order?



Look at the pictures

Have a go at sequencing the dates and photographs in order on your own timelines.

Children to use pictures to write dates on a timeline on paper/in their books and draw pictures to go with each date.

When finished they should talk about the changes