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Week 5

Week 5 LO:  I understand the importance of exercise for humans

What is exercise?

(Physical actions that are repeated to keep you fit and healthy)


Show examples of doing exercise- swinging, cycling running, skipping, jumping.




Ask why they would classify as exercise.

Can you think of any more exercises?

Ask why it is important for humans to exercise.

What does exercise do to your body?

Stamina - helps for endurance or exercising over a long periods of time.

Flexibility - body moves more easily (agility)

Strength - muscles become stronger.

Ask what happens to the heart when you exercise.



Talk about the importance of the heart.

Explain that they will be using the heart to conduct our own experiments.



We will see how our heartbeat is affected by what we do.

We will measure how many times our heart beats in 1 minute when we are sitting, walking and running.

Ask for their prediction - when will their heart beat beat the fastest/slowest.

Show children the video of where to check their pulse – watch the first minute only

If you can go outside. Using a sand timer/digital timer on a phone walk around/run around for 3 minutes. Stop check your pulse count in your head.


Evaluate your results using the sentence starter-

My heartbeat beat the fastest when I was____.


Can you use numbers to compare?

eg My heart beat increased by 10 beats per minute when I ran.

The difference between me sitting and running was x beats per minute (bpm).


Think about

1. Which type of exercise made your heart beat the fastest?


2. Which was the slowest?


Why do you think this happened?


What time day would your heart beat the slowest (while you are asleep)


How can we make sure we stay fit and healthy?