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Week 5

Week 5 LO: I can describe the human and physical features of a place (St Lucia)

Use the powerpoint 



to locate the island of St. Lucia in relation to the UK (discuss other Caribbean islands which they may have heard of or visited).

Look at the location of St Lucia on a map. Where is it?  (island country and continent).

  • St Lucia is a country in the Caribbean Sea
  • It is a volcanic mountainous island 
  • It is part of the North American continent


Ask them to explain what human and physical features are


Let’s look at some photographs of landmarks in St Lucia

Are these human or physical? How do you know?

  • Know that St Lucia is a tourist resort/destination.
  • St Lucia has a tropical climate.
  • Landmarks: sandy beaches, Pitons, Mount Gimme, drive through volcano (sulphur springs)
  • Know that the capital of St Lucia is Castries and is the main port for cruise ships (day visitors).



Fill human and physical features table

Physical features

Human features














Why would you want to visit St Lucia?

Let’s compare the human and physical features in Brighton and St Lucia? What do you notice? (St. Lucia has a lot more in the way of physical features whereas Brighton really only has the beach and some parks.)