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Week 5 lesson

Our topic is Seaside holidays (100 years ago)

Week 5 I can come up with my own question to research and present my findings.

Look at photographs

(kindly sent in by a parent)



what would you like to find out about seasides that you don’t already know?


Or you can ask:

Would you rather go on a seaside holiday now or 100 years ago?

Are seaside holidays today really better than in the past?


How can we find out the answers to your questions? Ask them to think back and remember what primary and secondary sources are – link to Samuel Pepys diary, newspapers etc. Explain that we will be using primary sources and secondary sources  to find out about the answers to our questions

Watch Magic Grandad on


Watch Espresso

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Watch Espresso (seasides now)

student username: student21101

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Children to come up with a question they would like to find the answer to

Research on the internet to find out their answer and write down what you found out