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Week 5 lesson - Trust

Our topic is relationships. This week we are looking at secrets

Week 5 I can understand how it feels to trust someone

Ask: What does it mean to trust someone? Talk about the things that help trust grow, e.g. honesty, always being there, keeping good secrets, being a good listener, standing up for you, etc. Ask for their ideas. Have a balloon ready and with each new suggestion add a small puff of air to the balloon. Explain that trust builds over time; just as the balloon is growing bigger, so does trust. Hold on tightly to the end of the balloon and move straight on to Tell me or show me.

Ask them to suggest what can damage trust e.g. telling lies, talking about somebody behind their back, being unreliable etc. After each suggestion let a little air out of the balloon. Explain that when a person does something like this it’s a bit like letting some of the air out of the ‘trust balloon’. If they keep doing these things, one day all the trust will be gone and the trust balloon will be empty.


Ask them to draw a stick figure in the middle to represent themselves.

Show the set of the ‘People’ cards. 

Note there are some ‘general cards’ so you can add/create additional people. Explain that we can all create a Circle of Trust around us and only let into the circle, those people we trust (like the stick person in the paper circle). Draw a circle around their stick figure. Place the cards on the  circle. Any people they feel sure they can trust they need to place nearer the stick figure. Any people they think they might be able to trust, but are not sure, they place a little further away, and so on. Those they wouldn’t trust at all, they keep off the paper and don’t invite these into the Circle of Trust. Encourage the them to talk about these. Stress that there are no right or wrong answers - it’s something each person has to judge for themselves.

Reinforce the learning that we trust some people because we know them well, such as family and friends, and some we trust because we know it’s their job to look after us, such as a police officer or doctor. Ask them to think about how they have sorted their cards, would they like to reconsider any of the people? Help them to see that there are many people who may be perfectly trustworthy, but it is easier to tell this when we know them well. e.g. trusting people that we actually know, rather than ‘friends’ online who may or may not be who they say they are.) Ask them the people who they would not trust and why.