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Week 6

LO: I can identify what I am looking forward to when I move to my next class

Remind them about all the learning they have done in this Puzzle (unit) about growing up and changing. What can they remember? Explain that the start of a new school year can be a big change. Ask them to think about what they might be looking forward to in their next school year. “One thing I am looking forward to next year is



Make leaf mobiles.

Ask them to draw or write on one side of the leaf: • one thing they like about being who they are • one thing they are looking forward to about getting older • one thing they would like to change for themselves next year and how they will go about it e.g. to get better at reading by practising more often

On the other side of the leaf: • to explain how they feel about getting older and facing new changes The leaf can be decorated.

At the end of the lesson, highlight that we all feel differently about different things because we are all unique people, and that it is OK to be different from others.