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Week 6

LO:  I can understand the importance of hygiene for humans


What is hygiene?

(The practice of maintaining good health through cleanliness)

Why is it important to stay clean? There are also social reasons for cleanliness- not smelling, after sports, getting dirt off clothes.

What are germs?         

(Germs are tiny organisms, or living things, that can cause disease. They are microscopic and can make you unwell)

Watch the video The sneeze

Ask them to comment and stop video at suitable points.

Where are germs spread?


How can we stay and keep clean?

Ask them to come up with suggestions using ideas from the video.

Washing our hands is key as we touch everything.

Explain that we will carry our own investigation into the best way to wash hands.

Investigation to clean hands

1. Using a bar of soap.

2. Using just cold water.

3. Using liquid soap.

4. Using tissue.


Try each one

Use charcoal to represent dirt.


They should comment on visual appearance and ease. They should also note how their hands feel.


Read / watch Dr Dog.


What advice does Dr Dog give to the family in regard to germs.