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Week 7

Recap on what we have found out about St. Lucia so far. Today we are going to find out about two more things in St. Lucia. One is  a plant and one is an animal. Go through powerpoint.



Then talk about the production of bananas on St Lucia and watch the Youtube clip


Discuss the implication of Fairtrade bananas and what this means.


Watch listen as the Assistant Chief forest officer describing the implications of the Jacquot parrot as an endangered species. Explain about Jacquot, the St. Lucian parrot, who is endangered partly because he has been hunted and partly because his habitat has been destroyed. Talk about the implications of this (extinction, losing a native and unique species).


Ask them to come up with some sentences to describe how Jacquot has been affected by humans.


By the end of the lesson they should know that St Lucia exports bananas and oils.



Answer questions about Jacquot and describe how people have affected both the natural crops of the island   


... what the St. Lucian people use bananas for


... why bananas are important for them


... what people were doing to the Jacquot birds


... how they are helping Jacquot birds now


Espresso St Lucia Quiz



What would happen to the people of St. Lucia if doctors suddenly decided that bananas were bad for you