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Week Beginning 13th July

Monday 13th July 2020- Welcome to the last full week of school. For you all, that also means the last full week of Year 6! We know that in normal times there would have been other things happening in school, but it's important to stay positive and make the most of what we have. As the last full week of school, make it count. If there's a friend you have been meaning to reach out to, do it. If there's a teacher you've been meaning to say thank you to, do it. If there's a book you haven't yet finished, do it. Make this time count! 



Friday 17th July 2020Happy Friday! We hope you're well, whether you're learning in school or at home. Please be reminded that the Year 6 reports are available to be collected from the school today, between 1.00 - 2.00pm.  Next week brings us to the end of this academic year! On Monday we will be posting some work for Monday and Tuesday, and we will also provide some Summer Holiday activities for you to do if you wish. This will be available on the website and on Google Classroom. 

We hope you have a lovely day and a great weekend!