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Week Beginning 1st June

Monday 1st June 2020- Welcome to the new, and final half term of this year. We hope you had an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine during your week off.  Some of you will be wondering when you will be coming back to school. For now, we are continuing just as we are, so Year 6 will not be coming back to school just yet. When we have more information about when we might open again for Year 6, we will let you know. For now, we are continuing to put work up on Google Classroom just as we have been so far! We look forward to another half term full of great work and energy!


Wednesday 3rd June 2020- Although it was half term, some children continued with their learning by completing tasks set on our various online platforms (My Maths, Maths Whizz and Bug Club). We would like to say a BIG thank you for your continuous determination, independence and maturity.  


My Maths

6D – Amaan, Ahmad, Aya, Zakia, Steven, Laura, Zeenat, Ahmed

6P – Arif, Jaida-Mai, Assiad, Amir, Ed

6KT – Rodriogo, Aryam, Patrycja, Leonard, Oways, Sarah, Nickeelia

Maths Whizz

6D – Urvasi, Zeenat, Hamza

6P – Arif, Abdulkarim, Rohan

Bug Club 

6D – Sara, Amaan, Zakia

6P – Ed, Abdulkarim, Arif

6KT – Sarah, Eliot, Oliva


Please make sure you are completing the tasks set on these platforms, hopefully your name will be here next week.

You may be aware of the recent protests happening in America - and around the world, including the UK - against racism and racial inequality (people being treated differently because of their ethnicity or colour of their skin). On Tuesday 2nd June, there was a global event called 'Blackout Tuesday', it was a day of reflection and protest in the aftermath of George Floyd's death (a black man who was stopped and killed by a police officer). It also aimed to help highlight black voices on all media platforms.

Many people within our community are affected by this, so it is important for you to be aware and understand why people are feeling worried and concerned. You should check in with family and friends as they may be affected by this. Please take a moment to read the articles on Newsround to find out more.


More about George Floyd

More about 'Blackout Tuesday' 


We will be uploading more information and how we can support on Google Classroom in the PSHE section.