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Week Beginning 30th March

Monday 30th March 2020- Happy Monday! We hope you've all had a peaceful weekend and managed to find some time to relax from learning and chores. On Friday we mentioned starting to write a rather unusual diary. This diary was suggested by Professor Richard Wiseman as a way of looking after our well-being and involves writing about subjects to create a sense of happiness.


Monday’s Diary: Thanksgiving

Even at difficult times, there are many things in our lives to be grateful for. For example, having close friends we can communicate with, being part of a supportive family, feeling healthy, having shelter, water to drink or enough food to eat. Alternatively, there might be a hobby or activity that you love to do at home. Perhaps you have happy memories of the past, or recently had a nice experience such as an especially lovely meal, enjoyed the smile of a sibling, or felt the warm sun on your skin. Think back carefully over the past week and write about three of these things.


Tuesday 31st March 2020- We hope you enjoyed having a go at writing yesterday's diary. Have a look at today's:


Tuesday's Diary: Terrific Times

Think about one of the most wonderful experiences in your life. Perhaps a moment when you felt suddenly happy and contented, experienced something exciting and new, listened to an amazing piece of music, saw an incredible performance, went on a fantastic trip or had a great time with friends. Choose just one experience and imagine yourself back in that moment in time. Imagine how you felt and everything that was going on around you. Now spend a few moments writing down a description of the experience and how you felt. Do not worry about your spelling, punctuation or grammar. Instead, simply get your memories and thoughts down on paper.‚Äč


Wednesday 1st April 2020- Happy mid-week Wednesday! Here is today's diary writing task. Remember, this writing is personal to you and so do be as imaginative and honest as you can. If you wanted to share your writing with your teachers, we would love to hear from you (but that's totally up to you!).


Wednesday's Diary: Future Fantastic

Spend a few moments writing about your life in the future. Imagine that everything has gone as well as it possibly could. Be realistic, but imagine that you have worked hard and achieved all that you wanted to achieve. Imagine you have become the person you really want to be. Imagine that your home and school life feels like a dream come true. All of this may not help you achieve your goals, but will help you feel good and put a smile on your face.


Thursday 2nd April 2020We hope your diaries has given you a moment to reflect on the positive things in life. Here is today's task...


Thursday: Dear...

Think about someone in your life who is very important to you. It might be a family member, a close friend or someone at school. Imagine you only have one opportunity to tell this person how important they are to you. Now write a short letter to this person, describing how much you care for them and the effect they have had on your life.


Friday 3rd April 2020- Here is this week's final task... 


Friday: Reviewing the Situation

Think back over the past seven days and make a note of three things that went really well for you. The events might be fairly trivial, such as finding a toy or a book you lost at home, or more important, such as being offered a new opportunity or achieving a difficult task for the first time.  


As some of you will be aware, the next two weeks are officially your (and our) Easter Holidays! But what does this mean in these unusual times? Well, there may just be some small changes: we will continue to post messages on to the Year 6 page but it might not be everyday; you can still email us, but we just might not reply straight away (but we will reply!); and we will be posting some new Easter Home Learning on Monday, so make sure you come back to check this page on Monday so you can download the pack.

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