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Week beginning Monday 11th May

Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone!

This week you have been very conscientious with your weekly tasks 

Weekly winners

Bug club (this week you have read the most books)

2D Mahmood  

2H Yahya

2W Abdullahi Aleks Ashar Ihab Kaydan Markas Masoumeh Mousa


My maths winners (you are all up to date with My Maths tasks)

2H Alex Amede Ava Ibrahim Jasper Nathan Oussama Romayssa Ziyad

2D Ammar Ethan Kacy Laith Mohammed M Pari Rawan Yahya Zahra Zayan

2W Abdullahi Aleks Ashar Haider Ihab Maia Markas Masoumeh Mousa Nadin Noor Owais Vinaiya


Maths Whizz (usage and progressions)

2H Oussama highest usage and 16 progressions

2D Kacy highest usage Laith 11 progressions

2W Mousa highest usage Maher 21 progressions

Your certificates are on their way to you


Those of you who have logged onto Bug club this week will have noticed a new feature that has appeared on your account called Maths Factor. It's great that you have been exploring this but each time you log on please ensure you read a book first.

Have a lovely weekend!

Catch up with you on Monday

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour


Thursday 14th May

Good morning!

It was good to hear your voices yesterday and to know that you are safe and well.

It was very strange too because some of you have

become very shy  

Wishing you a happy Thursday

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour


Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone,

If we haven't spoke to you yet, we might do today!

Should you need any pencils or exercise books please let us know and we will arrange for them to be left in the office for you to pick up.

Best wishes

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone!

This week we are in the process of making regular phone calls to check how each of you are doing. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

A message from Mrs Attia if you have a temporary Maths Whizz account and it is not being used regularly. The account might be closed and offered to someone else.

If you enjoy music have a look at the music page of the school website. There's a link for you to sign up to Brent Music online which is now free for all children.  

Have a good day!

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour



Monday 11th May

We hope you had a good weekend!

As we start our sixth week of providing online learning and you do home schooling. We have been thinking about what we miss about school .......


Miss Honour

I miss listening to the sound of happy children singing in music assembly.

I miss the excitement of finding out what the word of the week means.

I miss seeing the colourful displays of children's work in the corridor.

I miss reading a story at the end of the day.

I miss Mabrooka and Julie and all the children in 2H and I miss our classroom.


Miss Devonish

I miss seeing your smiling, happy faces.
I miss reading your creative stories.
I miss my Thursday morning break time duty when I get to go outside and play “it”
I miss all of the colourful drawings and letters you leave on my desk.
I even miss our temperamental white board!


Mrs Wharton

I miss seeing your smiley faces.

I miss listening to you read.

I miss the sound of quiet chatter when you are working.

I miss hearing the excitement in your voices when you know its lunchtime.

I miss seeing all the adults that work in our school.


More photographs have been added to our slide show below.

We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do.


2D If you finish your books on Bug club

Miss Devonish has sent up an oxford owl account for the class. You will be able to choose the books you want to read!

Username: 2Dbooks
Password: reading


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour