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Week beginning Monday 27th April

Friday 1st May

Two good reasons to be happy today. It's the first day of the month and it's Friday! 

Weekly winners

Bug club

2H Romayssa  2D Doni 2W Masoumeh

My maths

This week lots of you have been catching up with the My maths tasks. Well done to the following children

2H Alex Amede Ghassan Ibrahim Jasper Nathan Oussama Romayssa Ziyad

2D Ammar Ethan Kacy Laith Mohammed M Pari Rawan Yahya Zayan

2W Ali Aleks Ashar Ihab Maia Markas Nadin Vinaiya

Maths Whizz

2H Ibrahim highest usage Oussama 14 progressions

2D Zayan highest usage Yahya 13 progressions

2W Mousa highest usage Mousa and Owais 13 progressions

Your Maths Whizz certificates are on their way to you

Will your name be here next Thursday?

And the photographs continue to come in. We really appreciate this. Please scroll down to view the photographs. The most recent ones are at the beginning of the slide show.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish, Miss Honour


Thursday 30th April

It's the last day of April!

Remember to go to your windows and doors at 8 o'clock this evening to show your thanks to the NHS and key workers who are doing an amazing job at the moment. Clap and cheer to show your appreciation!

Today's photographs are from Amede, Alex and Maggie Mae - Thank you. Amede, you have been working so hard on a range of activities. We love your 'home classroom'.  We particularly liked the photograph of you working independently - it brought a big smile to our face. Alex you have been reading Dr Seuss and doing some English work. Maggie Mae you did a great job experimenting with watercolours. Please scroll down to locate the Year Two Learning at Home photographs.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning!

We hope you are all well.

We are continuing with our phone calls this week. The Learning at home is going well. Many of you are accessing the activities we have put on and adapting it where appropriate - Well done. We are in awe of those parents who are managing 3,4 even 5 home school timetables, your commitment to Learning at home is greatly appreciated.   

Parents have said that Home Learning is most effective when:

the day's activities are planned in advance.

when children refer to the instructions on the screen and complete the activity on a piece of paper or in an exercise book. As this allows them to be independent and gives them the opportunity to develop their writing skills

Thank you for the feedback

There is no expectation for you to print anything out.

Please keep sending in photographs, we really enjoy seeing them. This morning's photographs are from Romayssa and Maggie Mae. Romayssa has been very keen on multiplication and division this week, she has completed the whole weeks math's lessons already WOW! 

We are still here if you need our help

Mrs Wharton, Miss Devonish and Miss Honour 


Tuesday 28th April

It was great to talk to some of you yesterday on the telephone. If you haven't had a call yet, we will be phoning you at some point this week. We look forward to finding out how you are and catching up with what you have been doing. If there is anything we can help you with or any questions you would like to ask that will be a good opportunity to do so. 

Many thanks to Oussama, Doni, Zayan, Owais, Vinaiya and Masoumeh for the latest additions to our Learning at home photographs. You have all been busy and look happy and content. 

Bye for now!

Mrs Wharton

Miss Devonish

Miss Honour


Monday 27th April

Messages for each class


I am so proud of all the hard work you have been doing. It's been lovely to see the photographs your parents have been sending.

Yahya, you have become a true Maths Whizz and are making lots of progressions, Keep it up! Doni, it was great to see your photos, you have certainly been busy! Kacy, Zayan and Ethan you have also been working hard, Thank you for showing me all your lovely work.

Remember to keep reading Bug Club and keep up to date with your My Maths tasks. 

Please keep sending your emails and photos. It makes me so happy to see what you have been up to. I miss you terribly!

Take care and stay safe'

Miss D:) 



 'Good morning 2H,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. It has been wonderful seeing how hard many of you are working. I have really enjoyed the pictures you have sent me so please carry on sending them! Well done everybody who is working on Bug Club, My Maths and Maths Whizz - as pecial mention to Oussama who completed all his tasks on Friday last week. Jasper has been very busy. He created a powerpoint on birds, has been doing some origami, went on a night walk to see meteors and has made a video 'sheep dog jokes' you can watch it here:

We will continue posting examples of your work, so keep sending them!'

Miss Honour


'Hello 2W,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend, you deserved it!

You have been working so hard on your weekly tasks. I am particularly impressed with the reading you are doing on Bug Club and with your Maths Whizz usage. Thank you for sending me photographs of what you have been up to. In the slide show below there is a photograph of the cosy reading den Masoumeh made. Keep smiling Masoumeh and everyone else.   

Stay safe'

Mrs Wharton