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Weekly Winners!

Weekly Winners! 

Well done to all of you logging in and completing online tasks, it hasn't gone unnoticed by your teachers. Weekly winners will be chosen on a Friday and announced below. Fantastic work Y5!



Summer Term 2


3rd July


5G: Marwa, Layan and Yasmin

5OP: Oliviah, Aamer, and Moustafa 

5F: Elisa, Aya, Khorshid, Abdurahman, Deyan and Kelly


Maths Whizz

5G: Raef, Nusaiba, Hebaa and Jessica

5OP: Oliviah, Mostafa, Hibah
5F: Walid, Deyan, Aya and Aafreen


MyMaths (no outstanding tasks)

5G: Dean, Layan and Raef

5OP: Aamer, Hibah, Elyas
5F:  Shiloh, Deyan and Kelly















26th June


5G: Yasmin and Nancy

5OP: Hadjer and Oliviah, 

5F: Elisa, Deyan, Abdurahman, Khorshid, Kelly and Ailsa


Maths Whizz

5G: Jude, Isaiah, Hebaa, Nusaiba and Yasmin

5OP: Malak and Mostafa
5F: Aafreen, Aya, Deyan, Evelyn, Walid, Yousuf and Ailsa


MyMaths (no outstanding tasks)

5G: Raef

5OP: Elyas and Hibah
5F: Deyan and Aafreen

















19th June


5G: Hebaa and Layan

5OP: Furqan, Aamer and Mostafa

5F: Sami, Raahil, Deyan, Khorshid, Aya and Elisa


Maths Whizz

5G: Nusaiba, Sophia, Hebaa and Yasmin

5OP: Mostafa, Sahra and Diana A
5F: Aafreen, Yousuf, Deyan, Evelyn, Aya and Elisa


MyMaths (no outstanding tasks)

5G: Hebaa

5OP: Aamer, Hibah and Elyas
5F: Shiloh, Yousuf, Raahil



12th June


5G: Yasmin, Marwa and Layan

5OP: Oliviah, Diana E, Mostafa, Hibah, Sahra and Furqan
5F: Ailsa, Aya, Khorshid, Abdurahman and Elisa


Maths Whizz

5G: Nusaiba, Raef, Jessica, Kelly and Hebaa

5OP: Mostafa, Sahra, Oliviah, Diana E, Diana A and Mais
5F: Yousuf, Deyan, Evelyn and Elisa


MyMaths (no outstanding tasks)

5G: Raef, Edward, Haroon, Yasmin and Jessica

5OP: Sahil, Elyas, Diana A, Soraya and Hibah
5F: Stan, Walid, Deyan, Aafreen, Shiloh and Evelyn.



5th June


5G: Yasmin, Marwa and Malaysia 

5OP: Sahra, Mostafa, Hibah
5F: Elisa, Aya, Deyan


Maths Whizz

5G: Hebaa, Nusaiba, Nancy and Yasmin

5OP: Mostafa, Sahra, Diana E and Hibah
5F: Deyan, Evelyn, Walid and Shiloh


MyMaths (no outstanding tasks)

5G: Yasmin and Hebaa

5OP: Sahil and Soraya
5F: Shiloh






















Summer Term

Week 2- Top Users


Maths Whizz

5G: Jude, Nusaiba, Hebaa, Ikhra, Jessica and Yasmin

5F: Deyan, Evelyn, Walid, Ailsa and Aafreen

5OP: Moustafa, Diana E, Ibrahim, Olivias and Sahra



5G: Rokas, Kelly and Ikhra

5F: Khorshid, Shiloh and Alfie

5OP: Kaio, Diana A and Sahra


MyMaths (all work completed)

5G: Hebaa, Edward, Ikhra, Raef, Marwa, Yasmin and Rosie

5F: Walid, Deyan, Evelyn and Shiloh

5OP: Diana A and Elyas 


Also a special shout out to the following children for sending in some wonderful work for us to see this week:
Sami, Olivia, Rokas, Poppy, Shiloh, Ibrahim, Jude, Kelly S, Aisha, Sophia, Walid, Aamer, Raef, Caio, Hibah, Heidi, Evelyn, Kaio, Dean, Stan, Maya Jessica, Soraya, Veronika, Alfie, Rosie, Jessica and Numair 

Week 1- Top Users


Maths Whizz

5G: Malaysia, Jessica and Raef

5F: Aafreen, Deyan and Hasina

5OP: Moustafa, Hibah and Ammar



5G: Marwa, Rosie and Nancy

5F: Abdelrahman, Shiloh and Walid

5OP: Moustafa, Hadjer and Ibrahim



5G: Malik, Yasmin and Rosie

5F: Alfie

5OP: Hadjer, Diana A and Elyas.


Also a special shout out to the following children for sending in some wonderful work for us to see this week:
Hebaa, Aisha, Shiloh, Hibah, Yasmin, Ibrahim, Raef, Maya, Sami, Oliviah, Sophia, Kelly S, Soraya, Caio, Evelyn, Aafreen, Rosie and David.



Spring Term

Week 5

Maths Whizz

Hebaa: 5G

Abdelrahman: 5F

Hibah: 5OP


Marwa: 5G

Stan: 5F

Soraya: 5OP


Malik: 5G

Walid: 5F

Kaio: 5OP





Week 6

Maths Whizz
Malaysia 5G

Evelyn 5F

Diana 5OP


Yasmin 5G

Aya 5F

Oliviah 5OP


Raef 5G

Shiloh 5F

Elyas 5OP