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Windrush Day activities 22.6.2020

Windrush Day

22nd June 2020

Windrush Day is a special day where we remember the first generation of Caribbean people, who came over to the UK by invitation to rebuild Britain after World War II. 

But when they arrived here to live and work, many people were not kind and friendly to them. 

Today, we remember all these wonderful people who came to the UK and celebrate their help and courage.

This week in history, you are going to learn more about the Windrush generation. There are a few activities which can be done either on Windrush Day or split into short sessions throughout the week.

Please see the activities below.  




Activity 1: What is Windrush day?

- Follow the link below to watch videos and read more about Windrush day.,after%20the%20World%20War%20Two.

- Read the powerpoint below in Learning Resources with a grown up to learn more.



Activity 2: The journey of Empire Windrush

- The ship MV Empire Windrush travelled from the Caribbean to the UK to bring hundreds of people to their new lives. 

Use Google Maps or an atlas to show Empire Windrush's journey using the steps on the worksheet in Learning resources. 

- Challenge: Find images of Empire Windrush. Write down a description of the ship. How do you think the passengers were feeling?




Activity 3: Flags of the Caribbean

- The Empire Windrush picked up passengers from many countries in the Caribbean including Trinidad, Jamaica and Bermuda. 

Look at the flags below for the countries in the Caribbean. Draw one of the flags.

- Challenge: Research more about the country you have drawn a flag for. You can focus on food, famous people, special landmarks and more!



Activity 4: Writing a thank-you letter

- Write a letter to someone from the Windrush generation saying thank-you for coming to Britain and for helping Britain become the country it is today. 

- You should include: facts you have learnt about the Windrush generation, long and short sentences, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. You can also write about their determination and courage as many people from the Windrush generation found living in the UK difficult. 



Flags of Caribbean countries