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Year 3 and Year 5 group

Monday - label the picture and then write some sentences using the words.

Tuesday - write sentences to describe the crow and the fox. Aim to write four sentences to go with each picture.

Wednesday - learn about the past tense in this story.

Thursday - read the sentences and sort them under the headings true and false.

Friday - think about the books that we have read this half term - Robots, Sounds, The Mermaid and the Octopus, Fishy Friend, Mojo and Weeza and the New Hat, The Fox and the Crow. Which was your favourite? Draw a picture and write about it. I have written about my favourite book to help you.

Extra activity - read the story again and answer these questions.

Spelling words - practise these words for a spelling test on Friday. Write each word in a sentence.

Phonics activity - once you have watched the wh video, do this sheet.