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Year 3 and Year 5 group

Monday - look at the pictures and use the word bank to write a sentence to describe each picture.

Tuesday - listen to the book again. Sort the sentences under the words true and false. If you don't have a printer, write the words true or false on paper and copy the sentence out under the right word.

Wednesday - different instruments are played in different ways. Look at the pictures of the different instruments and decide how each of them is played. Then sort them under the right heading. If you can't print the sheets, copy the headings into your book and draw the instruments under the right heading.

Thursday - listen to the book again and answer these questions.

Friday - sit in your home and listen very carefully. What can you hear inside your home? What can you hear outside your home? Write some sentences. Which sounds do you like best?

Spelling words - practise these words every day. Write each word in a sentence.

Phonics activity - once you have watched the videos on Espresso, try this work.