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Year 4 group

Monday - sort the pictures under the correct heading. Use pages 14 and 15 of the book to help you.

Tuesday - read the book again. Which animals are being hunted? Which animals are hunters? Write the name of the animal in the right place on the grid.

Wednesday - sort the animals names into alphabetical order. Write down the number of the page where the animal name is written.

Thursday - listen to the book again and then answer questions about it.

Friday - write sentences to describe the pictures, using an apostrophe in each sentence.

Friday - look at these slides to help you with the apostrophe activity.

Art activity - you have 2 pieces of plain paper in your folder. You are going to make your own camouflage picture. Watch the video to see how to do it. 

Extra activity - fill in the missing words.

Phonics activity - once you have watched the ph video on Espresso, try this work.

Spelling words - practise these words every day. Write each word in a sentence.