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Word of the week: 




VERB – 1. If you welcome someone, you greet them in a friendly way when they arrive somewhere.

Several people came by to welcome me.

2. If you welcome an action, decision, or situation, you approve of it and are pleased that it has occurred.

She welcomed this move but said that overall the changes didn't go far enough. 

Welcome is also a noun.

There would be a fantastic welcome awaiting him back here.


School Value

Determination to do our best. 




When the current year 5 children were in year 3 they had their photograph taken for the current Steve McQueen exhibition exhibition in the Tate Britain. The children did visit last year but if you would like to go again as a family the exhibition has been extended until January 31st 2021. It is free however you will need to book a ticket please see the Tate Britain website, our photographs are located in section 3.