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Year 6 group

Monday - this week, we are going to try and write another story about Harry the spider. To get you ready for this, please listen to the three Harry stories that we have read in our lessons. The links are above. Then look at the sheet and fill it in by the end of Monday.

Ms Richards' story beginning - read this to help you do the work.

Tuesday - watch the video to see how to change your answers into the beginning of the story. I have sent the link in Class Dojo.

Wednesday - answer the questions and then use your answers to write the middle part of the story in sentences.

Thursday - answer the questions on the sheet. Use your answers to write sentences and put them together to write the end of the story.

Friday - find out about using speech mark (inverted commas) and then try the activity.

Spelling words - practise these words every day ready for a test on Friday. Write each word in a sentence.